A Time Called You [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – All Episodes Complete


” Starfilx “ A Time Called You is a Thriller Mystery Romantic and Fantasy Korean Drama release recently in 2023 and It is a one of the best Korean Drama that also Dubbed in Hindi on Netflix. This drama also known as ‘Please Come to Me’ but you will be surprised to hear that this is not an original story but copied from the very famous Taiwanese Drama name as ‘Someday or One Day’. If you want to watch this drama in Hindi Dubbed then follow the links below.


The heartbreaking Korean drama “A Time Called You” beautifully expresses the essence of love, loss, and the enduring power of memory. The series, which debuted in 2022, is renowned for its stirring narratives and outstanding performances.

Ji Eun-seo, a gifted pianist who has an unusual form of Alzheimer’s disease that impairs her memory, is the focus of the story. Ji Eun-seo is nonetheless fiercely independent and refuses to let her disease define her. When she meets Han Yu-jin, a kind-hearted and sympathetic young man who becomes her carer, her life is dramatically changed.

Ji Eun-seo’s passion and tenacity appeal to Han Yu-jin, a kind and forgiving soul. Their bond develops into one that goes beyond the limitations of their illnesses and is profound and tender. Yu-jin learns about a world of music and memories that connect them as he assumes the role of caring for Eun-seo.

The role of music, which acts as a potent medium via which Eun-seo and Yu-jin connect, is crucial to the plot. Eun-seo uses her piano playing as a moving way to convey her feelings and to cling to fading memories. The drama’s emotional power is further increased by the intriguing soundtrack.

Flashbacks from Eun-seo’s background and her life before the start of Alzheimer’s are skillfully woven into the drama. These incidents shed light on her past self and her interactions with her family and friends. By contrasting Eun-seo’s lively past with her present circumstances, the story’s use of past and present heightens its emotional impact.

The drama explores the profound influence of memory on identity and relationships as Eun-seo’s memory gradually fades. Sensitivity and realism are used to depict the heartbreaking times of forgetfulness and the bittersweet moments of recognition. The joys of rediscovery and the pain of loss are simultaneously experienced by viewers as they ride an emotional roller coaster.

The journey of Eun-seo and Yu-jin in “A Time Called You” is significantly influenced by the supporting cast. They give the story depth and complexity by battling their individual problems and fears. The entire cast gives outstanding performances, giving the narrative depths of emotional complexity.

The quiet and reflective tone of “A Time Called You”‘s cinematography is distinctive and reflects the introspective mood of the story. The mood of calm introspection and emotional resonance is further enhanced by the restrained colour scheme and close framing.

In the end, “A Time Called You” is a tale of love that transcends space and time. It serves as a reminder of the eternal value of interpersonal relationships and the power of love to overcome all odds. The drama spreads awareness about the value of compassion and understanding for people impacted by the condition through its moving depiction of Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, “A Time Called You” is a masterfully created Korean drama with a moving narrative, first-rate acting, and an evocative musical score that leaves a lasting impact. It is proof of the unbreakable spirit of the human heart and the healing capacity of love. Fans of deeply moving dramas that probe the depths of the human experience must see the series.

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DRAMA NAMEA Time Called You
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