Familiar Wife [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All Episodes Added


” Starfilx “ Familiar Wife is now dubbed in Hindi but this is the original drama and you might get confused by the other dramas of similar name but this is a Korean Drama and the original one. Although Japanese remake was also made and the Thai remake will be aired soon but this is a original 2018 tvN series that is now dubbed in Hindi. If you like it then share to your friends. Remember this is a high rated mdl drama so must watch it. You might get confuse by the thumbnail whether it is action or not so don’t worry is Rom-com with some slice of fantasy.


An endearing and captivating Korean drama called “Familiar Wife” debuted in 2018. The idea of second chances and the transforming nature of love are both explored in this romantic comedy.

Ji Sung’s character Cha Joo-hyuk, a middle-aged bank employee who is caught in a dull and unfulfilling routine, is the focus of the plot. He longs for a different life because his marriage to Han Ji-min’s attractive but overworked Seo Woo-jin has lost its spark.

When Joo-hyuk runs upon a shadowy old man who offers him the chance to change the course of history, things take a supernatural turn. He thus finds himself returned to his college years, a crucial time in his life when he had the chance to choose a new course.

Joo-hyuk takes advantage of this second chance and uses it to change the present through a series of decisions. In this new reality, he learns that he is married to Kang Han-na’s vibrant and carefree Lee Hye-won, who was his college sweetheart. While this new life initially sounds enticing, Joo-hyuk quickly learns that every decision has an effect and that he must negotiate the challenges of his altered world.

The drama deftly switches back and forth between the two time frames, allowing viewers to see Joo-hyuk and everyone around him live parallel lives. The character interactions in both timeframes weave a complicated web of connections and feelings. The contrast between Joo-hyuk’s past and current identities gives his character more nuance and complexity.

The connections that develop between Joo-hyuk, Woo-jin, and Hye-won form the core of the narrative. The emotional stakes are high as Joo-hyuk struggles with conflicting emotions and begins to understand how his decisions will affect the people he cares about. Regret, forgiveness, and the quest of happiness are all topics that the drama deftly examines.

The actors in “Familiar Wife” give outstanding performances, while Ji Sung gives a subtle representation of a man trapped between two lives. His chemistry with both of the leading females, Han Ji-min and Kang Han-na, is palpable and gives the love triangle more substance and reality.

The drama’s high production standards support its all-around appeal. The vibrant emotions of the individuals and the dramatic changes between the two timelines are captured through the cinematography. The soundtrack completes the story, heightening the emotional impact of significant scenes.

Viewers experience a range of emotions as the plot develops, from heartwarming choices and sad disclosures to happy and humorous moments. Every episode has a satisfying ending that leaves viewers eagerly expecting the next because of the well-balanced pacing.

In conclusion, the outstanding Korean drama “Familiar Wife” deftly combines themes of romance, humour, and introspection. Viewers connect strongly with its examination of second chances and the complexity of interpersonal connections. The drama is still regarded as a treasure in the Korean entertainment industry thanks to its gripping plot, excellent acting, and emotional depth, providing an intense and memorable viewing experience. It demonstrates the Korean drama genre’s ongoing appeal and high calibre.

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COUNTRYKorean Drama
DRAMA NAMEFamiliar Wife
SIZE350MB, 450MB

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