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” Starfilx “ School 2015 also known as Who are you: School 2015 is a Korean Drama Dubbed in Urdu/Hindi Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links if you don’t know how to download then click on How to Download link below and Don’t forget to give feedback in the comments. Thanks


The Korean drama “School 2015,” also known as “Who Are You: School 2015,” examines the difficulties of growing up while also examining the nuances of adolescence, friendship, and identity. It is a part of the well-known “School” series, each episode of which focuses on the lives of South Korean high school students.

The two identical-looking girls Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi, both played by Kim So Hyun, are the focus of the narrative. At Sekang High School, Eun Byul is a popular and self-assured student who is renowned for her wit and aggressiveness. The meek and reserved girl Eun Bi, on the other hand, endured terrible bullying at her previous school.

Due to constant bullying, Eun Bi eventually reaches her breaking point and takes her own life. She tries to end her life, but it doesn’t work, and she awakens in a hospital with amnesia. She is sent to Sekang High School to continue her studies due to an identity mistake where she is thought to be Eun Byul.

Eun Bi learns about the nuances of the social structure at her new school, where friendships, rivalries, and secrets run deep, as she adjusts to her new life as Eun Byul. She develops relationships with a number of her students, including the sympathetic Tae Kwang (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) and the stoic Yi An (played by Yook Sung Jae), each of whom is dealing with personal issues.

At the same time, the absence of the actual Eun Byul raises a lot of questions for her friends and family. So Young (played by David Lee), a close friend of hers, and her mother became desperate to learn the truth about what happened to her.

The plot of the drama deftly develops as it juggles two parallel storylines: Eun Bi’s existence as Eun Byul and the search for Eun Byul when she vanishes. The series may explore topics of identity, self-discovery, and the effects of bullying thanks to this duality.

Eun Bi must deal with the difficulties of adjusting to a new school while attempting to delve into her own background during the course of the series. She gradually becomes aware of the severity of the bullying at her old school and resolves to pursue justice for both herself and her friends. Eun Bi’s character develops significantly as she confronts the bullies who caused the suffering in her childhood, becoming a more aggressive and confident young woman.

The drama also explores the intricacies of the students’ friendships and relationships. A love triangle that gives the narrative emotional depth involves Tae Kwang, Yi An, and Eun Bi as they each start to feel something for the other. The show investigates how these interactions affect the protagonists’ personal development.

The truth of what happened at Eun Byul’s former school is revealed as the riddles surrounding her disappearance are solved. Dramatically, bullying, mental health, and the effects of one’s behaviour on others are all topics that are well covered.

Heartfelt and thought-provoking, “School 2015” is a Korean drama that appeals to viewers of all ages. It addresses significant social concerns while telling a gripping tale of self-discovery, friendship, and identity. The series provides a dramatic analysis of the difficulties faced by today’s kids and the value of discovering one’s own self in the face of adversity with its likeable characters and emotional depth.

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