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A popular “School” television drama series from South Korea that has been a mainstay of Korean television since the late 1990s, “School 2017” debuted in 2017. The Park Jin-suk-directed television programme explores the struggles its students encounter in both their academic and personal life while taking place in a fictional high school.

The narrative revolves around three central characters: Ra Eun-ho (played by Kim Se-jeong), a cheerful and optimistic high school girl with a passion for drawing webcomics; Hyun Tae-woon (played by Kim Jung-hyun), a rebellious and enigmatic transfer student with a troubled past; and Song Dae-hwi (played by Jang Dong-yoon), a brilliant student with high aspirations but who faces intense academic pressure.

Eun-ho is falsely labelled as the infamous troublemaker X, a mystery character who questions the authority of the school, at the beginning of the narrative. This mix-up starts a chain of occasions that connect the lives of Eun-ho, Tae-woon, and Dae-hwi and forge the dynamic three that serves as the series’ core.

“School 2017” does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of adolescence, touching on a number of relatable topics like friendship, bullying, academic stress, family dynamics, and first love. The programme offers a glimpse into the emotional ups and downs of high school as well as the challenges of self-discovery and personal development during this formative time in a young person’s life.

Outstanding character development can be found in “School 2017”. Eun-ho personifies the spirit of youth and resiliency with her contagious cheerfulness. Viewers see firsthand the transformational power of friendship and the significance of remaining true to oneself despite hardship via her eyes. On the other side, Tae-woon presents a rugged demeanour while concealing a traumatic past. His multifaceted personality is gradually revealed, exposing a compassionate and sensitive spirit beneath the defiant exterior.

Dae-hwi, who is under intense academic pressure, is the definition of a model student. His character struggles with the weight of social and familial expectations, which causes internal strife and moral conundrums. The show explores the trade-offs and decisions he must make to survive the competitive academic environment.

Each member of the supporting cast adds to the story’s tapestry of high school life, further enhancing the plot. “School 2017” presents a clear image of the varied relationships that affect the characters’ life, from sweet friendships to savage rivalry.

The show also excels at portraying the school’s faculty and staff, demonstrating the delicate balance between mentorship and authority. The adult characters play significant roles in the lives of the students; they are not merely incidental characters. They give advice, encouragement, and, occasionally, harsh love.

In terms of production, “School 2017” has excellent cinematography and a captivating soundtrack that improve the viewing experience. With meticulous attention to detail, the school setting is brought to life, portraying the vigour and vitality of a busy educational facility.

In the end, “School 2017” goes beyond the conventional high school drama by addressing subjects that are relevant to audiences of all ages. It delivers a moving meditation on adolescence’s difficulties and the value of empathy, comprehension, and self-discovery. The series is a remarkable addition to the “School” series and Korean drama in general because of its intriguing characters and thought-provoking plot.

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DRAMA NAMESchool 2017
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